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Welcome to my website, my name is Lisa Olson (Gregg). I am the owner and creator of Hello Dolly Dolls and have been sculpting dolls since 2006.

My interest in collecting dolls began as a small child.  As an adult, in  the 80’s I learned the art of repairing dolls. I was a “doll doctor” for many years. This hands-on care and restoration of dolls fueled me into the art of “reborning” which I did from 2002–2006.


In 2006 I began sculpting life size babies and have had several of them produced into reborn doll kits. I have since broadened my sculpting to  children, fantasy figures and ball-jointed dolls. I have also sold my life size baby sculpts to Paradise Galleries which they mass produce for Charisma Brands. 


My sculpting career has been highlighted by the many awards I have received for my, one-of-a-kind dolls. Doll Reader Magazine has honored me with several Industry's Choice Awards over the years. They have also done featured articles about me and my dolls. 

Along with the accolades and recognition of my sculpts, I am proud to say that I won the Gold Award presented by the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild for my Ball Jointed Doll, “Juliet”. 


As an accomplished artist, I have learned to reproduce my original doll sculpts in resin, silicone and vinyl, but I prefer to make one of a kind dolls in polymer clay.  The doll sizes of my sculpts vary from tiny doll house size to life-size dolls.


My love for all types of dolls keeps my sculpting style as eclectic and varied as my personal doll collection. If a doll I create makes someone smile, then I have achieved my goal. 


Always remember:  You are never too old to play with dolls.

The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild honored Lisa Olson
2015 Gold Award winning sculpture for Ball Jointed Doll
Advanced Category

Juliet Capulet is the Juliet from Shakespeare's famous novel "Romeo and Juliet." Many a theatre has produced plays of this tragic yet beautiful love story and the movie industry has had their share of Romeo and Juliet movies.


The romance and the opulent gowns that Juliet wore made this doll was a "must do" for me. She even comes with a letter from Romeo.

Her emerald blue gown is of a satin material with a gold lame, brocade front panel. The delicate lace under her sleeves and the black and gold trim on her dress are vintage. 

She wears a flouncy half slip with wide lace and matching pantaloons. The lighter blue embroidered ribbon on her dress really brings out her crystal blue eyes. 

She has a sweet braided wreath with pearls upon her head with flowing ribbons at the back. Of course she has shoes and stockings too and a cross necklace. Dress designed and created by Lisa Olson.


Limited Edition

"Juliet Capulet" by Lisa Olson

2015 Gold Award Recipient
Ball Jointed Doll Advanced Category

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Here is my sweet Molly a girl from an era gone by. I choose to out fit her in the likeness of a child in 1865.  She wears a fresh yellow taffeta dress with delicate trimmings and a green satin sash. Molly has pantaloons and white shoes. She comes with her basket of violet flowers.


Specs on Molly
• 20 1/2 inches tall
• Hands, feet and head polymer clay
• Swivel head
• Custom cloth body and ball jointed armature for easy posing
• Synthetic hair
• Green glass eyes

2013 DOLLS Awards of Excellence 

Industry's Choice

Colliii Awards

Nomination 2012

Sculptor of the Month

Life Like Reborn Artist and OOAK Babies Guild

 May 2008

DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry's Choice 2013

Sculptor of the Month

Life Like Reborn Artist and OOAK Babies Guild

November 2006

Dolls of the Year 

Industry's Choice 2009

"Sugar and Spice" by Lisa Olson


  •  Hand Painted Ball Jointed Doll with 13 points of articulation     

  • MSD size doll standing 16 inches tall

  • Green inset removable eyes

  • Long light brown synthetic mohair removable wig with pink and brown bow

  • Green plaid dress with pale pink ruffle trimmed petticoat

  • Matching pantloons with ruffles

  • Pink buckle shoes

  • Ice cream cone necklace

  • Homemade cupcake with super sweet frosting      

2015 DOLLS Awards of Excellence 

Industry's Choice for Artist BJD 

was presented to Lisa Olson

"Molly" by Lisa Olson

2013 Dolls Awards of Excellence Industry's Choice

Awards & Recognition


2018 PARADISE GALLERIES presents Chunky Monkey

by Lisa Olson

  • 20" Head to Toe

  • Constructed from GentleTouch™ Vinyl

  • Caucasian skin tone

  • Brown Hair, nylon

  • Blue Eyes

  • Hand-painted lips, fingernails and toes

  • Hand-applied eyelashes

  • ¾ arms and full legs

"Chunky Monkey is masterfully sculpted by artist Lisa Olson who is world-renowned for sculpting babies with astonishing true to life detail.


He is handcrafted in GentleTouch™ Vinyl and feels wonderful lifelike with a weighted cloth body. He comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a collector’s box."   


~ Paradise Galleries

Chunky Monkey

is available!

Purchase through

Paradise Galleries 

Sculptor of the Month

Life Like Reborn Artist and OOAK Babies Guild

December 2008

art and baby dolls - One Of A Kind
Lisa Olson BJD
My Sculpting Process Lisa Olson
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