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Reflections in Time - Girls and Their Dolls 
This doll depicts a typical black girl and the type of doll she would have played with in 1875.

Eliza wears a blue and cream color calico print dress with three quarter length cuffed sleeves. Cream color pinafore with maroon hand embroidered accents. Cloth hair ties in maroon and cream colors. Under her dress she wears cream color cotton pantaloons with simple lace trim. 

Eliza comes with her “topsy turvy” cloth doll custom made just for her. The doll has painted faces. One belief is that the “topsy turvy doll” was designed to represent a white child with her black mammy caretaker. 

Although Slavery was abolished in 1865, many former slave families continued to work on plantations for little money. The dresses were often simple, comfortable and made to wear well. Certainly there was no extra money for fancy lace trims. 

This doll, her outfit and accessories are one of a kind originals, there is no other doll like her in the World! 


  • 15 inches tall

  • Hands, feet and head polymer clay

  • Custom cloth body with ball jointed armature for easy posing

  • Synthetic hair

  • Glass eyes


$250.00 plus shipping


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